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Established mid-2021 LTF Partners is a single-family office with expertise in, passion for and focus on cross-border early stage deep tech investments in sectors critical to Humanity’s survival.

Our mission

Find, nurture and accelerate mission-driven tech entrepreneurs looking to enable the emergence of a sustainable, fairer and more diverse society.

We are particularly interested in start-ups and funds addressing UN Sustainable Development Goals n° 3, 5, 9, 12 and 13, and woman-led organizations.

LTF Partners


We are long-term hands-on humanist investors here to SERVE our founders.

We love sharing our expertise, capital and relationships. Catalysts of ideas and value, for us investment can only be about connecting and helping.

Challenge, support and… protect is our motto.

Our hidden gems



Innovation SaaS business changing the world, one idea at a time. They integrate the innovation process for everyone’s ideas to become a reality.


2021 UK Best Workplace in Tech

2022 UK Best Workplace for Women

Latest Update

Serie B Round closed with UK PE Firm Octopus.



Deeptech company currently revolutionizing specialty chemicals thanks to an innovative nanotechnology-based production process.


2019 Winner of ILab Startup challenge

Top 20 Impact start-up of Nouvelle Aquitaine

Latest Update

Closed seed Round with Aquiti.



Deeptech company developing sustainable colorants and advanced coatings without pigments and dyes using Nobel Prize winning chemistry.


Endorsed by US EPA

Featured in Scientific American

Latest Update

Closed seed Round with Better Ventures and KdT Ventures.


Welcome 2023


2022 – The world is going back into recession, inflation is looming, interest rates are going up, “Nothing new under the sun, welcome back to the 70s !” one would say… I beg to defer.

The last fifty years have seen unprecedented, extraordinary changes in our world. The world population doubled while the post-second war world order was breaking down. We witnessed two financial and two natural resources crisis. We barely avoided two social revolutions and are now experiencing a full-blown war on the old continent.

Most noticeably, the digital revolution happened. It transformed the way we work, we learn, we communicate, we consume. It accelerated the pace for economy, competition, life even. In the process, we re-assessed our morals, ways of thinking and behaving. We entered a frenetic race for the “more”, the “fast” and the “easy” in every area of wealth and…life. Consequently, we created a new paradigm, and simply forgot we are dwellers of one fragile and limited planet. As evolved as we, Sapiens, are, still, we are merely part of an infinite whole in a finite environment.

The recent pandemic, tsunamis, heat or cold waves are subtle nudges that something is looming and needs to be addressed, before we truly are on the brink of collapse. A call for change, a call for transition.

Accept the past, protect the future.

It is time to innovate, serve and cater for energetic, food, health and social needs in ways that would ensure a sustainable future for humanity…and the world of finance must take a leading role in this transition process ! But not just any type of finance. A new breed of Venture-Capitalists free from hyper-growth and unrealistic return on investments mindset. The #humanistVC interested in re-kindling the raison d’être of finance: long term value creation geared towards building a prosperous economy, where people matter.

Let’s wish for 2023 to see the emergence of a thriving and….fairer society, even if money does make the world go round!

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