Our Solutions

We listen to our clients’ most pressing questions about their
Target Emerging Market


  • What is the current and future Market Potential?
  • Is it sustainable and scalable?
  • How can I safely enter this Market?
  • How can I safely invest in this Market?
  • How can I mitigate any investment and operational risks?
  • What are obvious pitfalls?

First-Level Risk Assessment

  • Which structure would be the best fit for my organization? Joint-Venture?
    Exclusive Partnership?
  • Should I look for control? Shall I keep control?
  • How will I ensure I am in compliance with Sanctions rules if any?
  • How will I repatriate my cash safely?

And design taylor-made solutions leveraging our capacities in:



  • Project Assessment
  • Potential Partner’s Identification
  • Deal Structuring
  • Identification of Local and international potential sources of funding

Strategy &

  • Market and Competition Analysis
  • Strategic Formulation and Scenario Analysis
  • Selection of local partners: Legal, Tax, Banking, Accounting
  • Local Execution of

Compliance &

  • Sanctions White Paper and Monitoring
  • Local Partners KYC and First Level Due Diligence (If needed)
  • Identification and Facilitation of Cash Repatriation Solutions (If needed)